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Who doesn’t like designs that are steeped in history and derive from other parts of the globe? The Suzani is one of those designs that can instantly add a luxurious feel to any space. Not quite sure what we mean? Let us explain. 

The Suzani is a type of decorative tribal textile with origins from many Central Asian countries. They have a fabric base, which are embroidered in silk or cotton thread. This intricate needle work results in stunning creations and we’ve got an array of Suzani cushions for an elaborate touch to your décor.

Our Suzani bolsters, pouffes and cushions are perfect when you’re looking to decorate your space with higher end comfort. They come in a range of colours from black and yellow cushions to turquoise and pink poufs.

Use them to adorn sofas, beds, chairs or even place them on the floor as extra seating.