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Charles Eames (1907-1978) – Chairs and Furniture Design

Ray and Charles Eames working in their officeCharles Eames is considered as one of the most influential designers of the 20th century. He was born in St Louis, Missouri. Perhaps decorated as the finest American designer of his generation, Eames was heavily influenced by his Uncle’s workings, the great architect William S. Eames.

Despite a healthy education studying architecture at Washington University in St. Louis, Charles Eames best began to put his ideas into motion whilst working as a labourer at the Laclede Steel Company in the town of his birth. Here, he inherited first-hand knowledge and experience about engineering, drawing, and architecture, learning moulding and treatment techniques he would later become famous for.

Both Charles Eames and his wife Ray are still heavily celebrated on an international scale, especially for their work in the field of modern furniture like the DSW chair. Both collaborated on numerous projects, earning them the AIA Twenty-five Year Award in 1977 and the prestigious Royal Gold Medal Award in 1979, a year after Charles passed away. Their work is still showcased at MoMA in New York, whilst in 1985 IDSA accredited Eames as The Most Influential Designer of the 20th Century. (wikipedia)

The duo is world-renowned for the Eames Chairs, especially for the Eames Office Chairs and the Eames Dining Chairs, but also for their industrial and interior design and photographic arts. Below you find more details and information about the furniture. Furthermore, have a look at the details of the Eames Style Furniture and the replica chairs which you can order in our online shop.

Office Chairs by Charles Eames

When it comes to furniture for your office, the Eames Office Chairs are beautiful and functional at the same time. The Charles Eames Aluminium Series of Office Chairs were originally designed for private use. But quickly, they found their way in offices everywhere around the world. The reason for that is the high level of comfort which makes the Eames Office Chairs so special. Eames designs are perfect computer chairs or modern meeting room chairs because of the great ergonomic support they are going to provide in your office.



DSW, DSR, DAW and DAR – Chairs for your Dining Area

Another part of the Eames Furniture range are the DSW, DSR, DAW and DAR chairs. They are mainly designed by Eames for the use in your dining room. The famous Eames DSR has a distinctive chrome base and is also known under the name Eiffel Chair. For what do the acronyms stand for in Eames Furniture collection?

  • Eames DSW Chair: Dining (height), Side (seat), Wood (base)
  • Eames DSR Chair: Dining (height), Side (seat), Rob (base)
  • Eames DAW Chair: Dining (height), Arm (seat), Wood (base)
  • Eames DAR Chair: Dining (height), Arm (seat), Rod (base)

The Eames DSW Chair has a wooden base. The DAW and DAR are both Eames Armchairs with either a wooden or a rod base. In contrast to the Eames Office Chairs, the seats of this series were made from fibreglass and are now made from polypropylene, available in a wide range of colours.

RAR – The Rocking Chair

The Rocking Armchair with a Rod Base by Charles Eames (RAR) is another piece of stunning, modern interior furniture of Eames Plastic Chairs. The design of the Eames RAR Chairs consists of a polypropylene seat with armrests which is available in different colours and a base made of chrome steel and wood.

Eames Style Chairs and Replica Furniture

At Cult Furniture you find a wide range of furniture and accessories which were inspired by Eames Furniture and Eames Designs or Accessories like the Eames Hang It All. The Eames Style Dining and Office Chairs and the Eames Replica Furniture is made of high quality materials.
When you order Replica Chairs or Replica Furniture it in our online shop, it will be immediately delivered to your home or office.