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Buying Guide


           New dining chairs can easily spruce up any dining room, but it might be hard to know
             where to start. There are so many different kinds of dining chairs, which doesn't really
                  make the choice any easier.

                           We put together this little buying guide to help you choose the right style for your home
                              and create a unique dining area you will be happy with for a long time.

                           With this guide we will briefly discuss some things you want to take notice of, and
                          introduce you to the various types available, from contemporary modern dining chairs
                          to iconic wooden chairs.

                      We aim to make it clearer for you, and help you find the perfect set of chairs to fit your
            interior décor. You’ll soon see that it isn’t as hard as you think.
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How to choose the right dining room chairs?
To get an idea of what dining chairs you should go for, start looking at the surroundings in your dining room, your furniture and accessories first. It may be that certain items can already point you in the right direction. Things like:

1. The shape of your dining table (round, oval, rectangle) >>

When it comes the shape of your table, make sure that all dining chairs
can be pushed under when not in use. Choose seating that doesn’t have
arms to create more space at circular dining tables. If you prefer to have arms,
then choose to have less number of chairs at the dining table. If there isn't a lot of
space in the room, you may want to keep compact designs in mind. We will get to
those in a bit! See below a perfect example of a round table with Wishbone chairs,
designed by Hans J. Wegner (available in our store).

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2. The style of your dining room (classic, contemporary, shabby chic) >>

Another way to find the right chairs for your dining area, is to have a look at the style of your table. If it's a heavy farmhouse table, you might want to go for chairs that will give the room an airy feel to it. You can create a nice contrast (between classic and modern for example) or choose the same materials for the dining room chairs.

Cult Furniture Chairs
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3. Lighting in your dining area >>

        Good lighting is fundamental to setting the scene in any room. Used          correctly, lighting can alter the ambiance and mood of any dining space.

          Dining room lighting should be the focus for the table, hanging directly           above, but when layered with additional lamps, can create more
ambience when entertaining. Adjustable lamps offer flexibility, while pendant
lights can double up as a centrepiece, even when switched off.
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4. Size of the dining room >>

Cult Furniture Chairs

If you don't have a lot of space, it doesn't mean you can't get cult furniture!
Consider getting stools or dining chairs that have straight shapes, or that can be
stacked. The dining chairs used in the picture to the right, Navy chairs, have a
beautiful straight shape and are the perfect fit for the room, where straight lines
are recurring.

Our furniture comes with height (H), width (W) and depth (D) dimensions so you
can ensure that it will fit. It’s worth measuring your house and taking into
consideration any tricky doors, halls or stairways before placing your order.

Try not to overcrowd your dining room, as it can make it appear a lot smaller, so
choose a few key pieces to make the space appear brighter.

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5. Purpose of the dining room (family dinners, parties with many guests...) >>

Cult Furniture Chairs

The purpose of the room is very important. It may be the case
that you are looking for dining chairs/a dining area that won't be
used often, but will still need to look impeccable. Or it may be
the case that you need dining chairs that need to stand everyday
use. Whatever the use will be, this will most definitely affect
your choices. Upholstered dining chairs can be great for adults
to enjoy sitting on for a while, whilst children will do better on
wood, plastic and harder surfaces that are easier to clean.

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6. Playing with colours of your interior & dining chairs >>

The style of your table, colours in your home and lighting may all indicate a preference you have, which can make your choice easier. Perhaps you like industrial touches, monochrome colours, and would like your dining chairs to reflect this and blend in easily with the rest of your decor. Or you may have ideas for redesigning your home in the future, some moodboards could be useful to pinning down your style and preferences.

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Of course a guide can only take you so far. We know that seeing the furniture in use, set up against other pieces, in the general aesthetic of a home or office space, is what really matters.

For that reason we’ve set up a Pinterest account to show all of your favourite designs in use.

Browse through to get a real feel of the pieces, and find the right fit for your home.

Visit Cult Furniture's profile on Pinterest.