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Lighting Accessories

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Getting the exact lighting you want is easy, affordable and fun thanks to our range of Cult Furniture lighting accessories. 

Add a bold twist to your ceilings and customise your favourite pendant light by using a bright piece of our power cord, sold by the metre and available in a spectrum of colours from bright red to zesty yellow.

We’ve got plenty of lighting cords with bulb holders attached too, giving you a fuss-free and easy way to get the look without having to resort to DIY. 

Elsewhere, you’ll find metallic bulb holders that’ll lend a touch of industrial style into your ceilings, plus lamp holder fittings and hook lamp holders that’ll make the most of your new Cult Living bulbs. 

And if you’ve got one of our Vegas wall lights you’ll find the light bulbs for it here too, ready to keep your walls bright and your lights shining on.